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Online Magic
Earn $500 in 5 minutes! Click here and Get Paid!
Everyone loves to win stuff right? We went around the net and found the best contests. Entering is completely free and you are free to enter all the contests you want. Check it out!

Earn $500 in 5 minutes! Click here and Get Paid!

Take some acid. Hallucinate with your own eyes. This is extremely cool!


Where you decide is completly up to you. Try to get away from me. You can't!

Space Chase

This is a trick on your brain. See if you fall for it.

A Bird In The Bush.

Pick a card and I will guess it every time.

Card Trick

Follow the directions closely and you will experience something you will never forget.


Pick any number you can think of and I will guess it everytime.




Test your reflex and your brain! How fast are you?

Reflex Test

Step 1: Stare at the above image and focus on the four dots in the center.

Step 2: Continue to stare for 45 seconds.

Step 3: Slowly find a wall in the room and look close up at it. You should see something on the wall. Try blinking a few times.

Do you see something on the wall? If this doesn't work for you at first keep trying.

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If you aren't already here. Check out ebaumsworld for much more.

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