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Breakout-type game. Adjustable speed. Mouse-controlled.
Mouse-controlled. Sound effects can be turned on or off.
Canoe Clobber
Controlled by mouse & arrow keys. Sound effects.
Mouse-controlled. You can substitute your own images.
Defender of the Moon
Mouse-controlled. Sound effects.
IQ Quiz
Type in answers to difficult questions. Automatic scoring.
Plays like the real Pac Man. Uses arrow keys. No sound.
Long Ball
Choice of batting style, speed, sound. Mouse-controlled.
Ping Pong
Pong-like game with sound. Retro fun!
Shooting Gallery
Skeet Shooting
Mouse-controlled. Sound effects.
Controlled by keyboard arrow keys. Fast-moving.
Tail Gunner
Mouse-controlled. Sound can be muted. See note below*.
Torpedo Alley
Controlled by mouse & keyboard space bar. Sound effects.
*Note: Tail Gunner is particularly easy to install on your site. Applet is accessed via a simple bit of JavaScript code. Game automatically fills the screen regardless of monitor size or screen resolution.
Tower of Hanoi

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