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Over 153 million Kazaa Media Desktops downloaded so far... Over 3.3 million downloaded last week...

What is Kazaa Media Desktop?
Kazaa Media Desktop is the number 1 peer-to-peer application which allows people around the world to share files.
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Kazaa Picks
Kreate is designed to help you come up with ideas of things to make and share using Kazaa Media Desktop.

Anti-virus and security software, with peer-to-peer specific solutions.

Cornerband provides an online forum where emerging artists can promote, sample and sell their music.

Kazaa Shop
Links to products you might find useful.

Become a Kazaa Pick

Language Versions of Kazaa v2
Kazaa v2 now available in French, German and Spanish. Download a language version.
Are you in a band?
If youre in an unsigned band that is going places, see if Cornerband.com can help.

Microsoft Using Kazaa as a Marketing Portal
Firm pushes legitimate use of the file-sharing network, distributing promo videos for other companies and showing off its Media 9 format.

Web search
Find out how to search the web from within you Kazaa Media Desktop.
P2P Virus Protection Software. Use KMD with more comfort with security software. Free Trial.
Learn how to create Kazaa Media Desktop skins with this tutorial.

Kazaa Showcase
Search for the files below with Kazaa Media Desktop. The files are of high quality and are provided by professional firms. The copyright is typically managed by allowing you a trial or preview for a specific period of time or amount of uses before it must be paid for.
Software Music
Net Zero
NetZero Internet service offers you access in just 2 minutes for only $US9.95 per month. (For the USA residents only).
Return to Mono
Perfectly fused electronica & vocals create a cocktail of tracks, the ideal addition to your weekend selection.
  Ashampoo Utilities for Windows
Everything you need to turn your Windows computer into a customized powerhouse. FREE TRIAL. (For Windows 95/98/ME, NT, 2000, XP)

Robot Arena
Build your own robots in unlimited configurations and battle against others. Free Trial!

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