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here's one: *Interview with Osama Bin Laden. you can punch him with brass knuckles, hit him with a brick, baseball bat, etc. a very satisfying interview.

& another: hunt and punish is amusing as well, with a space-invaders style shoot-em-up game & more.

Bomb Osama click here to start
Send a Thrax Fax - LOL! click here to start
Diplomacy - LOL - this is great - As seen on CNN click here to start
Stick Death - aka BagaRag click here to start
Kill bin Laden! - You can choose your weapons! click here to start
Wreck the beauty of bin Laden! click here to start
Launch a "counter attack" at bin Laden Liquors click here to start
Osama bin Laden Target Practice Game (need java enabled) click here to start
Interview with Osama bin Laden (using brass knuckles, bats, etc.) click here to start
Hunting for bin Laden click here to start
Bad Dudes vs. bin Laden click here to start
Take the arab poll click here to start
Fire a cannon in the "Get Osama" game Click here to download
Play the Osama bin Laden arcade game Click here to download
A huge collection of bin Laden flash games Go to website

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