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  "Girl All The Bad Guys Want"
That's right the first video from the new album, Drunk Enough to Dance, is finally here and it rocks! Follow the boys on another incredibly clever video journey that only BFS could create. We've got the video here in the incredible QuickTime 6 MPEG 4 format so you can enjoy it in the best quality audio and video available, so no excuses! Do your homework, eat your dinner, brush your teeth and watch your BFS!

Click here to view!


"The Bitch Song"
In the first scene of "Girl All The Bad Guys Want" the video playing on the TV, if you look closely, is "The Bitch Song" video!! "The Bitch Song" is an instant punk n' roll classic and is on BFS's first Jive release, Let's Do It For Johnny. It is a touching song about... well the name speaks for itself!! Check it out and see!!

Click here to view!

BFS is rising up the UK charts with their second single titled "Emily."
You won't yet see this one in the US so we have it especially for you here. It is a love story of hilarious proportions (pun intended!) Chris.. uh.. I mean Emily is the one to keep your eyes on! You've got to watch this one!

Click here to view!

Good Evening Park City
Check out the Soup tearing it up live on stage at the recent Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT. [Launch webcast], you'll be glad you did!


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