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We have lots of crazy drug-related games and movies, so help yourself!:

COKEHEAD - As George Bushwacker, you have 90 seconds to sniff your way to President!
INCRIMINATI - Hide your party supplies before your parents walk in the door!
DEALER - DOPE WARS - Interactive game lets you play as a drug dealer! Based on the old DOS classic DopeWars!
HARRY POTTHEAD - Help Harry Potthead get stoned. It will literally blow his mind!
SCREWBY DOO - Shaggy tells what really went on behind the scenes with Scewby Doo and the gang!
STINKY WINKY - Stinky Winky and his satanic bong.
SUCK SUCK - How far will Suck Suck go to get his schnoz on some snow?
DR. GREENTHUMBS - Thank you Dr. Greenthumbs, you're the shit!
BONG SONG MUSIC VIDEO - Parody of Sisqo's "Thong Song" turned Flash music video!
NIGHT OF THE DRUGS - This movie is about drugs and the effects it has on peoples lives!
4:20 - Kiss some brain cells goodbye with this good-to-the-last-puff cartoon!
DOPEMON DOPE PARTY - Dopemon throughs a party!
DRUG CULTURE BEAVER - Beaver and Wolly are are persuaded by Eddie to drop some acid!
DR. WEEDMIESTER EP.1 - Watch Dr. WeedMiester smoke up!
FEED MR. PUKE - How much can he eat, drink, and inhale before he pukes!
FREE DIRTY NEEDLES - Music video about dirty needles, and the people who should use them!
GANJA FARM - Harvest your crop, and defend it from UFOs!
GOD GETS HIGH - Song about God getting high!
GOOD DRUG BAD DRUG HAPPY SAD - Will you choose the red pill, or the blue pill?
HASH AND POT DO A RUNNER - Hash and Pot are out of money, so they make a run!
HIGH PAC - Pac Man is high on crack!
ILL WILL'S ILL WEED - President Clinton admits he's tried marijuana, and the dancing baby smokes a joint!
LEGALIZE IT - A plea to legalize marijuana!
SMOKE A BOWLA - Parody of the Cocacola jingle!
THE EFFECTS OF MARIJUANA - Is this how you get when you're high? Check it out!
TO KILL A DRUG LORD - A school where everyone smokes weed, and you have to watch porn when you are punished!
TONY GETS SKY HIGH - Some guy smokes up and gets a little to high!
TRIPPIN' BEAVER - The Beave and Wolly decide to try Eddie's drugs!
VIRTUAL DRUG SESSION - Select your drug of choice, and take it!

All flash drug movies, games and cartoons were supplied by NewGrounds.


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