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POLICE SNIPER - Scope-shooter heaven! Several missions of zoom-and-shoot!       UN WEAPONS INSPECTOR - Not the game by Section 8, but a very fun shooter! Yay!
   NG IS UNDER ATTACK PT.2 - Watch as popular NG characters take on an army of evil lawyers!       NG SURVIVOR - The NG Survivor series has its own page! Watch them all, and vote on the outcome!
   TACTICS CORE - Potentially the coolest Flash game ever. RPG players will dance in the streets!       UNIWAR LC - The long-awaited prequel to one of the best and oldest shooting games on NG!
   OSAMAGOTCHI - Yeah, it's been a while... But torturing Osama is more fun than ever!       SUPER MARIO RAMPAGE - Play as Mario, with a shotgun! You know it's fun!
   CUSTOM RIDES - I can finally customize a Subaru WRX! Rock on!       GANGURO GIRL - Sim Girl fans rejoice! A new and improved dating sim is here!

Send a pack of Willard rats after your enemies!

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