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  • Unsolved Mysteries
    Windows Media - RealVideo
    February 7th 1997

    The first major TV coverage for this investigation. Unsolved Mysteries contacted Tom Grant in December 1996 and interviewed him. Topics covered in the 15 minute segment included Kurt's 1.52 mgs per liter heroin level, no fingerprints on the gun, Kurt's credit card being used after he died, the difference in handwriting on the "suicide" note, and more.

    VH1 Confidential - Kurt Cobain: Suicide or Murder?
    Windows Media - RealVideo - Transcript
    Summer 2000

    VH1 kicked off their now-canceled "Confidential" series with a segment on the Kurt Cobain murder theory. Interviewed in the piece were Ian Halperin and Max Wallace, authors of Who Killed Kurt Cobain?, and a medical examiner who tried to debunk them. A decent segment on the case. While not on the official VH1 lineup anymore, they still run them every now and then.

    Maury Povich Show
    July 1998

    The authors of "Who Killed Kurt Cobain?", Max Wallace and Ian Halperin appeared on the Maury Povich show to discuss the investigation. Also on the show was Hank Harrison, Courtney's father. I'm told this was a very serious look into the theories, with a lot of young people in the audience. I hope to have streaming video or a transcript up here soon.


    TV.COM, a syndicated weekly show about the internet and technology produced by CNET, did a segment on the Cobain case. It was a brief run-down of Tom Grant's information, and David Perle's web site. TV.COM is no longer in production.

    Do you know of, or have any tapes of shows or news coverage that have done something on this story? Please tell me about it!
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